Mathematical Genealogy

As can be seen here, my mathematical lineage has some noble ancestors (two Bernoulli's, Euler, Lagrange, d'Alambert, Gauss, Hilbert, and others). Maybe this explains my interest in theoretical mechanics! A little bit more detailed genealogy tree is available here, as well as a link to my Math Genealogy page.

Collaboration distance:

Currently, my Erdös number is 5 and my Einstein number is 6.

Proof of Erdös:

 [1]  Americo Cunha Jr  coauthored with Rubens Sampaio
 [2]  Rubens Sampaio  coauthored with William Williams
 William Williams
 coauthored with Lael Kinch
 [4]  Lael Kinch  coauthored with Jenő Lehel
 [5]  Jenő Lehel 
 coauthored with Paul Erdös

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Proof of Einstein:

 [1] Americo Cunha Jr  coauthored with Christian Soize
 [2] Christian Soize  coauthored with Paul R. Krée
Paul R. Krée  coauthored with Carlos A. Berenstein
 [4] Carlos A. Berenstein  coauthored with William W. Adams
 [5] William W. Adams  coauthored with Ernst Gabor Straus
 [6]  Ernst Gabor Straus  coauthored with Albert Einstein

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