EPIDEMIC is an easy to run educational code for simulation of epidemiological systems.

HarvesterOpt is an easy to run code to maximize the energy recovered by a bistable energy harvester.

SoBioS is an easy to run code to computes Sobol' indices for biological systems.

ELEVEN is an easy to run code for robust optimization and uncertainty quantification of an elevator brake system.

ZikaVD is an easy to run code to simulate the nonlinear dynamics of the Zika virus.

 provides a generic service implementation of Monte Carlo method, based on Microsoft Windows Azure, to solve a wide range of scientific and engineering problems.

 is an easy to run code to simulate the nonlinear stochastic dynamics of a bar structural system with attached discrete elements.

 is a collection of computational libraries with routines to simulate chemically reacting flows employing In Situ Adaptive Tabulation (ISAT) algorithm for thermochemistry calculation.