Research Team

 From left to right: Alexandre, Michel, Diego, Marcos, Roberto, Julio, Victor and Americo (November 2019).

Current Team

Post Doctoral Associate:
  • currently none
Doctoral Students:
  • Bruna Silveira Pavlack, M.Sc.   CV Lattes  RG
    (co-supevised with Samuel da Silva at UNESP Ilha Solteira)
  • Julio Cesar de Castro Basilio, M.Sc.  CV Lattes  RG
  • Marcos Vinícius dos Santos Issa, M.Sc.   CV Lattes  RG
Master Students:
  • Diego Matos Silva Lopes, B.Eng.   CV Lattes  RG
  • João Pedro Canisso Valese Norenberg, B.Eng.   CV Lattes  RG
    (co-supevised with Samuel da Silva at UNESP Ilha Solteira)
  • Lucas Fernando Ribeiro Chaves, B.Eng.  CV Lattes
    (co-supevised with João Marcelo Vedovoto at UFU)
  • Michel Antonio Tosin Caldas, B.Sc.   CV Lattes  RG
    (co-supevised with Flavio Codeço Coelho)
  • Victor Vieira Maudonet, B.Eng.   CV Lattes  RG
    (co-supevised with Carlos Frederico Trotta Matt)
Undergraduate Students:
  • Leonardo Rocha de La Roca   CV Lattes  RG
  • Roberto Luo Yan Cai   CV Lattes  RG
  • currently none


Post Doctoral:
  • Marcelo da Cruz Pereira, D.Sc.  CV Lattes  RG
  • Arthur Ferreira Martins, B.Eng. CV Lattes
  • Diego Matos Silva Lopes, B.Eng. CV Lattes
In Memoriam:

More Pictures

 From left to right: Marcos, Diego, Alexandre, Roberto, Leonardo, Americo, Eber, Michel, Vinícius and Rex (June 2019).

 From left to right: Eber, Michel, Yasar, Diego, Marcos, Americo, Leonardo, and Vinícius (November 2018).

 From left to right: Vinícius, Eber, João, Americo, Michel, Marcelo and Marcos (June 2018).